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Landmark Pools - The Most Respected  Custom Pool and Spa Builders Since 1985.
Landmark Pools - The Most Respected  Custom Pool and Spa Builders Since 1985. Landmark Pools - The Most Respected  Custom Pool and Spa Builders Since 1985.
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Landmark Pools - The Most Respected  Custom Pool and Spa Builders Since 1985.
New Pools
Landmark Pools has been building pools & spas since 1985. As with any journey, it helps to make the trip with someone who has traveled the path before. Each phase of the construction process is owner supervised, ensuring the highest quality of service. Our professional construction crews will carefully build your pool and install the options you have selected. Once the water is added, you’ll be able to enjoy the view around your pool as well as the time you spend in it.

The following are pre-construction and construction phases that will occur:
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Click to View Larger Image Phase 1 — Planning
The building of your new pool requires the scheduling and coordinating of nearly 80 craftsman and supporting personnel. Involved are dozens of vehicles, ranging from small trucks and trailers, backhoe excavators and bob-cat machines to dump trucks and gunite machines. In one way or another, all are necessary in the process of removing, delivering, installing and finishing literally tons of materials. As you can appreciate, planning, timing and controlling this small army of manpower, materials and machinery is both an art and science in logistics.

Phase 2 — Permits
The city or county building department will require permits for your pool. Normally one to ten days are required to obtain the necessary approval, depending on your location. We cannot proceed until we have the permits. If any HOA approval is required it is needed prior to the permit being issued.
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Phase 3 — Excavation
Upon receipt of your permit, we will schedule the excavation and notify you prior to coming to your home. The pool layout will be done in your yard for your approval. It will be necessary for you to sign the excavator’s layout sheet approving the placement of the pool. Any dirt you may want will be left for you.

Phase 4 — Steel
This will normally be done after the excavation is completed. Long round steel reinforcing rods are bent and shaped against the floor and walls of the excavation.

Click to View Larger ImagePhase 5 — Plumbing
The equipment is either set at plumbing or after decks are poured. Water pressure is kept on the system to insure no broken lines during construction go unnoticed and the electrical bonding required is also done at this time.

Phase 6 — Inspections
Local ordinances require that inspections be called upon completion of various stages of construction. Work stops until the City or County Inspector makes an inspection. Under normal conditions it usually takes one day. You will notice an "Inspection Card" posted in clear view outside near your pool.

Phase 7 — Shotcrete
Click to View Larger ImageYour pool/spa will be shot creted approximately one week after approval has been received. Shotcrete is manufactured using exacting standards and regulated practices, leaving no chance for an imperfect product delivered to your backyard. The mix is shot from a nozzle under high pressure to form a one-piece shell. The the shot crete is shaped to the proper dimensions.

Phase 8 — Wetting and Spraying
The morning after your pool has been shot creted you must begin wetting down the shot crete two or three times a day for the next seven days. This is to aid the "curing process".

Phase 9 — Electrical & Gas
Underground electric and gas must be installed and inspected prior to pouring decks. Equipment may also be set at this time or may wait until after the decks are poured.

Click to View Larger Image Phase 10 — Pre-Deck Installation
Tile and coping is the next step. Coping is the top surface edging which surrounds the entire perimeter of the pool. If you are having cantilever decking (decking that goes over the edge of the pool) the decking will be the next phase with the tile being applied after the deck forms have been removed. Any brick or rock work will also be done at this time.

The tile/coping process is a very important step. Often, this is what transforms your pool/spa into a showpiece. At Landmark Pools, we employ our own personnel to insure quality craftsmanship. It is very detailed work, and takes time to do correctly. It may sometimes appear that the work is going slower than expected; however we will never sacrifice quality for speed.

Phase 11 — Decking
Decking cannot be poured until the gas and electric inspections have been approved. Equipment must be installed such as skimmer ring, valve rings, grab rails, slides, or diving board jigs. The plumbing must be rechecked to assure it is holding pressure it is advisable to place a drain at the equipment and connect it to the deck and/or landscape drains.

Phase 12 — Fencing & Door Alarms
All pool installations require a five foot (5') fence around the pool property of less than three acres. Fences must have self-latching gates and must be installed prior to plaster. A secondary barrier is also required. (Fence, Alarms, or Cover).

Click to View Larger Image Phase 13 — Plastering & Pebble Finish
The plaster crew will remove any debris and water from the pool. They will cut off the plumbing lines inside the pool and install the lights into the notches. After the pool is plastered the crew will start filling the pool with water. If you chose a pebble finish, the crews will return the next day to acid wash the pool helping to enhance the surface shine. The pool can then be filled with water.

Phase 14 — Start-Up & Clean-Up
Our maintenance manager will then start your filter and make the first addition of chemicals to the water. He will also bring out your maintenance equipment and will give you instructions of operations and care for your pool. A final yard clean up is also now done to remove any debris left by Landmark Pools crews and subcontractors.

With Landmark Pools you'll work with experienced builders who are responsible for many of the most beautiful and unique backyard retreats in our area. We invite you to view some of our work in our photo gallery.

Contact Landmark Pools. We’ll be there with the guidance, counsel and knowledge to create the perfect dream that's right for your home site, your lifestyle and personal tastes!

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